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    Hi Quality Precision Machining
     is an ISO9001:2015 certified and well-equipped CNC machining shop in Shenzhen, China, mainly offering CNC milling, CNC turning and complex CNC machining service. Our wide range of CNC lathes and 3/4/5 axis milling centers will allow you to produce highly accurate, high quality parts to meet even your most stringent requirements. For small and complex CNC machined parts, our tolerance can achieve up to ±0.005mm. We support precision machining service for prototyping, small batch, and full production runs. You will get our fully support at the whole process. 

    Thanks for our well-equipped machine and professional people, we have the honor works with hundreds great manufacturers in the world. We mainly supply customers in Industrial Instruments, Electronics, Telecommunication, Aerospace, Marine and Consumer product market. 

    We machine components, but not limited by this, we turn your concept to production, turn your idea to reality, we get our machines go in and out, up and down, round and round, to make your machine think, work and create value. We are doing a great job for modern precision manufacturing. All our people reach agreement that high accuracy and high quality is our machining target, on time delivery is our efficiency target, and your success is our success. 

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    high quality cnc machining advantage
    Competitive price, good quality and good service is never only slogan, this is what we are doing. You can get competitive price, but the same machining work compared with your Europe and North America supplier. If quality is not there, price makes no sence. We do not have any quality claim above 5 years, and we will keep it going. We have no MOQ requirement, we have strong support for small production runs. We are your prototype specialist. We support quickly delivery time, 7 days for prototype is avaliable.


    high quality cnc machining shop advantage


    high quality cnc machining people
    Equipment is easy to get, our people make us different. 
    • We have experienced, talent engineering team and production team, always full of passion about manufacturing technology. CNC machining is not only their job, also their hobby and skill. Some of them work at this industry over 20 years, their job is their career. 
    • We have responsible and efficient purchasing team, make the company well run and under control. Our purchasing team always get raw material arrive in time and fully inspected in reasonable price, which help our finish parts have good quality and competitive price. Depend on customer demand and material market situation, they keep stock for common raw material like aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, copper, to guarantee quickly delivery time for our customers. 
    • We have professional, quick responded, customer-oriented and market oriented sales team, they increase our business share year by year. They have made great contributions to the growth of the company. They work hard, full of energy, customer's satification is their goal. 
    Your project is not only one more order for us. We take your busienss as our business. Our goal is to make things easier for our customer, order confirmed, nothing to worry. 

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    high quality cnc machining capability
    • Multi-Axis CNC Milling and Turning. Tolerance can reach up to ±0.005mm

    • Rapid prototyping machining, customized small batch and mass production, all available.
    • 30+ metal or plastic material are available. Most common include aluminum, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel, brass, copper, delrin(POM), etc.
    • 20+ surface finishing treatment are available. Most common include anodizing, passivation, polishing, plating, annealing, powder coating, bead blasting, etc.
    • Application industry include electronics, telecommunication, automotive, smart manufacturing, mechanical, aerospace, medical, etc.
    • Laser engraving and marking customized service are welcome.

    CNC milling and CNC turning service

    cnc milling and turning capacity

    Our CNC turning center is equipped with very advanced CNC lathe machine. For small turning parts, we can reach extremely high tolerance up to ±0.005mm. The CNC lathe turned parts and components range from simple rings to complex curved parts: spheres, cones, cylinders, and other shapes, such as square or hexagon, parts with axial and radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots, like rollers, ball joints, nuts and bolts, shafts, flanges, nozzles, turbines, firearms, etc
    Our milling service are completed by our 3, 4 and 5-axis combined CNC milling machines. Because of the multi-tool intermittent cutting, CNC milling machine have high efficiency, can produce parts with almost any shape. CNC milling is better suited for machining large, flat and irregular surfaces, such as fittings, enclosures and housings, brackets, gears, mold tooling, engine parts, medical devices, water pumps, forming punches, etc. 
    Contact us for more about our machining capacity

    Available Raw material
    cnc machining raw material
    Hi Quality Machining provide CNC machining service for many kinds metal and plastic material. For our common used CNC machining parts raw material like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass,Delrin(POM), we usually prepare stock to support quickly delivery. For the material not included at our pages, contact us for more detail.

    Available Finishing Treatment
    cnc machining surface finishing treatment
    Surface finishing can improve the appearance and properties like corrosion resistance, tarnish resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and hardness, modifying electrical conductivity, removing burrs or applying specific colors to the machined components. It usually through adding a layer of metal or non-metal coating on the exterior of a metallic workpiece.
    We can provide several different surface finishing options for CNC machining, including aluminum anodizing, plating, sandblasting, Passivation, Polishing, Powder Coating, Black Oxide coating, heat Treatment, etc. 
    For the surface finish not included at our pages, contact us for more detail.

    Application Industry
    cnc machining application
    Many products can get benefits from CNC machining because its precision, repeatability, and ability to produce strong and durable parts. Furthermore, CNC machining can process many kinds metal and plastic, makes CNC machining manufacturing become versatile in many industries, such as machinery, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, oil and gas, etc. Where there is precision manufacturing, there is CNC machining. Contact us for more industry application.

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