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Raw Material
Hi Quality Machining provide CNC machining service for many kinds metal and plastic material. The following page you can find more details for our common used CNC machining parts material like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass,Delrin(POM), etc.     For the material not included at the pages, contact us for more detail.   
cnc machining parts material 

how to choose cnc machining parts material

Key Factors to consider the kind of CNC machining material includePrice; Electrical conductivity; Machinability; Thermal resistance; 
Strength; Hardness; Weight; Weldability; Chemical resistance; Performance to low or high temperature

The tips to choose suitable CNC machining material:
• Metals yield can get higher machining tolerance compared plastics.
• Plastics are usually not as expensive as metals.
• CNC machined parts cost usually is higher than sheet metal parts 
• Materials that don’t need surface finishing, like stainless steel, cost less both for prototyping machining and small batch orders.

aluminum cnc machined parts
Aluminum is a widely accepted metal that is economical and easy to machine. Aluminum is a lightweight, non-magnetic, 
silver-colored metal that can be machined to most shape. Designers and engineers usually choose aluminum for CNC machining and CNC
milling parts. It makes sense for their excellent machinability. 

Aluminum advantage for CNC machining:
• Soft, light, high strength
• Workable, Malleable, machinable
• Durable, corrosion resistant
• Non-magnetic, fire-retardant
• Easy anodization
• Low temperature resistant
• Electrical conductivity
• Good weldability

Aluminum Machining Parts Applications
Aluminum CNC machining parts can be widely used at a lot of industry.
• Automotive parts
• Housing, brackets, and other components for aerospace need support high duty but require light weight itself
• Fixtures, calipers, and a variety of other parts for industrial equipment
• Enclosures, panels, consoles, knobs, housing, and other applications for consumer and computer electronics.

Common Aluminum Used
Aluminum 6061: This grade is one of the most common aluminium. It is usually be used for general purpose. It provide good weldability, 
good corrosion resistance, excellent workability and machinability, its mechanical properties makes it ideal for many others applications. 
Benefits for aluminum 6061 to make CNC machining parts: low cost, versatility, excellent corrosion resistance, and superior appearance
after anodizing.
Aluminum 7075: The most common application for aluminum is known as aircraft or aerospace aluminum. Aluminum 7075 have key 
element zinc, which makes it have very high strength even can catch the strength of many steels. Aluminum 7075 also has convenient 
combination of properties for many applications. 
Benefits for aluminum 7075 to make CNC machining parts: high strength, high hardness, light weight, good corrosion resistance, and
high heat tolerance.
Aluminum 6082 is famous for its outstanding corrosion resistance and high strength, makes it very suitable to use in stressed applications. 
it can replace 6061 in many cases. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to produce thin walls.
Hi Quality Machining also offers aluminum machining service in other grade. Include: Aluminum 6061, Aluminum 2024,
Aluminum 5052, Aluminum 6063, Aluminum 7050, Aluminum 7075, Aluminum 6082, Aluminum 7075, Aluminum 2011, Aluminum
2014, Aluminum 2024, Aluminum 2017. Welcome to contact us for details.

Aluminum CNC Machining Surface Finishing:
Include: Clear anodized, color anodized, hard anodized, sandblast, brushing, polishing, chroming, oxidation. Most common aluminum
parts surface finishing is clear or color anodizing.
Aluminum is the cheap material with good machinability, no matter CNC prototyping machining, small batch or mass production,
consider aluminum, consider us.
Hi Quality Machining is your reliable aluminum CNC machining supplier for:
Rapid CNC Aluminum Prototyping
Anodized Aluminum Parts and components
Complex Aluminum Parts and components
CNC Aluminum Turned Parts
CNC aluminum milling parts
OEM Aluminum CNC machining service
custom aluminum CNC machining parts
CNC Aluminum Machined Parts
CNC Aluminum machining/turning/milling services
CNC Aluminum 6061 Parts
CNC Aluminum 7075 Parts
CNC Aluminum 6082 Parts
CNC Aluminum Automotive parts
CNC Aluminum aerospace parts
Aluminum Fixtures Parts

cnc machined stainless steel parts

Stainless Steel is a steel alloy which contains a minimum of 10% chromium. The additional chromium provides a pristine surface finish and
exceptional corrosion resistance not found in carbon steels. The metal has a very high tensile strength, and has high resistance to wear,
resulting in added product durability and part longevity. Stainless steel provides excellent machinability, outstanding uniformity, and is
corrosion and oxidation resistant, leading to longer product life and lower total cost of machined parts. Because of its advantageous physical
properties, stainless steel has proven to be one of the more popular industrial alloys for CNC machining projects. While the best and fastest
way to make Stainless Steel parts is CNC machining especially CNC milling with stainless steel reach far and wide.

Stainless Steel physical properties
• Excellent heat resistance
• Excellent low temperatures resistance
• Excellent impact resistance
• Usually do not need surface finishing
• Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
• Very high tensile strength
• Good formability and weldability
• Easy to clean

Stainless Steel CNC Machining Parts Applications
• Robotics
• Food and health industry
• Consumer electronics spheres
• Medical and lab instruments
• Aerospace and marine
• Vacuum and pressure vessels
• Automotive,
• Construction and transportation
• Mining.

Common Stainless Steel Used
We offer a variety of stainless steel options to suit any specifications or requirements. Most common grade we use is S304, S316, S303.
Stainless steel 304 is the most common stainless steel. It is wildly used because it easily formed in various shapes. It have excellent
machinable and weldable. 304L stainless steel is the low carbon version of stainless steel 304.
Stainless steel 316: 316 The second most used stainless steel after 304, it has superior corrosion resistance particularly in chloride
containing environments and good elevated temperature strength. The low carbon version 316L has even better corrosion resistance in
welded structures.
Grade 303 is the most readily machineable of all the austenitic grades of stainless steel. It is basically the machining modification of
stainless steel 304. This property is due to the higher sulphur presence into the chemical composition. The sulphur presence improves
the machinability, but slightly lower the corrosion resistance and the toughness compared to the one of stainless steel 304.

Stainless Steel CNC Machining Parts Surface Finishing:
Sand blasting, shot blasting, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, electrophoresis, chromate, powder coating and painting.
In most condition, stainless steel CNC machining parts do not need any surface finishing treatment.
Hi Quality Machining is your reliable stainless steel CNC machining supplier for:
Rapid Stainless Steel CNC Prototyping
Stainless Steel Parts and components
Complex Stainless Steel and components
CNC Stainless Steel Turned Parts
CNC Stainless Steel milling parts
OEM Stainless Steel CNC machining service
custom Stainless Steel CNC machining parts
CNC Stainless Steel Machined Parts
CNC Stainless Steel machining/turning/milling services
CNC Stainless Steel S304 Parts
CNC Stainless Steel S316 Parts
CNC Stainless Steel S303 Parts

 steel cnc milling and turning parts
Steel is thermally conductive, highly corrosion-resistant, ductile, and malleable, many of which are suitable for general fabrication, tooling
and specialist industries.

CNC machining steel parts applications
• Automobile parts
• Aircraft components
• Construction equipment
• Machine tooling
• Crankshafts
Commonly used steel grades include: 1020, 1045, A36, S235JR, 4140, etc. Any other standard or grade, you are welcome to contact us
for detail.
Hi Quality Machining is your reliable steel CNC machining supplier for:
Rapid CNC Steel Prototyping
Complex Steel Parts and components
CNC Steel Turned Parts
CNC Steel milling parts
OEM Steel CNC machining service
Custom Steel CNC machining parts
CNC Steel Machined Parts
CNC Steel machining/turning/milling services
1020 CNC Machining Parts
4140 CNC Machining Parts
1045 CNC Machining Parts

brass cnc turned parts
Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc, with strong wear resistance, ow coefficient of friction, low melting point, good malleability, and
high corrosion resistance, it’s incredibly useful for hot machinery and products. This alloy is non-magnetic, easy to cast, and usually doesn’t
require surface finishing. so precision machined brass parts are one of the most commonly used metal CNC parts, which are often used to
make valves, water pipes, air conditioning connecting pipes and radiators. they can be found in electrical products as well as plumbing, the
medical industry, and many consumer products. Brass CNC machining parts used at many different products: Knobs, Bearings, Sleeves,
Bushings, Nuts and bolts, Gears, Valves, Hinges, Handles, Bells, Automotive terminals, Jewelry, Plumbing components, etc

If you are looking for brass precision part, Hi Quality Machining is your good choice. We provide:
Quick CNC Brass Prototyping
CNC Machining Brass Parts and Components
Complex High Precision Brass Parts and Components
CNC Brass Turned Parts
CNC Brass milling parts
OEM Brass CNC machining service
Custom Brass CNC machining parts
CNC Brass Machined Parts
CNC Brass machining/turning/milling services
Brass C3604 CNC machining parts

cnc plastic parts
CNC machines are capable of cutting plastics. Consider about cost, electrical insulation or other reasons, plastics are often a suitable
prototyping material. The final part usually be made by injection molding.

Machinable plastics include: POM (Delrin), PTFE (Teflon), ABS.
• POM is good CNC machining material because its machinability.
• PTFE is ideal CNC machining material because its heat & chemical resistance.
• ABS CNC machining parts are benefits for its good impact strength.
Most common used plastic material in Hi Quality Machining is Delrin.

Delrin plastic is an acetal homopolymer with excellent durability. Its high wear resistance combined with excellent creep and warp
resistance make it a good material option for mechanical components and industrial products. It is a suitable replacement
for metal in some cases.

Delrin plastic properties include:
• Good wear and abrasion properties
• Creep resistance
• Excellent performance at high temperatures
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Chemical resistance (Fuels, solvents)
• Low moisture absorption

Delrin plastic application
• Gears and bearings
• Electrical insulator parts
• Rollers
• Connectors and fittings

If you are looking for plastic high precision part, Hi Quality Machining is your good choice. We provide:
Plastic POM CNC machining parts
Delrin plastic CNC machining parts
Quick Plastic CNC Prototyping
CNC Machining Plastic Parts and Components
Complex High Precision Plastic Parts and Components
CNC Plastic Turned Parts
CNC Plastic milling parts
OEM Plastic CNC machining service
Custom Plastic CNC machining parts
CNC Plastic Machined Parts
CNC Plastic machining/turning/milling services
CNC machining Delrin plastic parts
CNC machined Plastic POM parts

cnc machined copper parts
Copper is ductile, easily machined, and highly resistant to corrosion. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.
Copper CNC machining parts applications
• Wire
• Rods
• Electrical connectors
• Radiator components
• Heat exchangers
• Decorative products

If you are looking for copper high precision part, Hi Quality Machining is your good choice. We provide:
C110 CNC machining parts
Copper CNC machining parts
Quick Copper CNC Prototyping
CNC Machining Copper Parts and Components
Complex High Precision Copper Parts and Components
CNC Copper Turned Parts
CNC Copper milling parts
OEM Copper CNC machining service
Custom Copper CNC machining parts
CNC Copper Machined Parts
CNC Copper machining/turning/milling services

Other Metals
Beside aluminum, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel, copper, brass, plastic, it is also possible to machine metal such as titanium and zinc,
offering engineers a wider range of physical properties for their parts.

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