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Many products can get benefits from CNC machining because its precision, repeatability, and ability to produce strong and durable parts. Furthermore, CNC machining can process many kinds metal and plastic, makes CNC machining manufacturing become versatile in many industries.

cnc machining application

CNC machined aerospace industry components

Safety is critical for aerospace industry. The extremely high level of precision required has made CNC machining a suitable manufacturing process for this industry, because it can achieve very high tolerance of the metal aircraft components.

Machinable aerospace components include engine mounts, fuel flow components, landing gear components, and fuel access panels.

cnc machined Automotive Industry parts

The automotive industry often uses CNC machining for both prototyping and production. Metal can be machined into cylinder blocks, gear boxes, valves, axels, and various other components, while plastic can be machined into components like dashboard panels and gas gauges. CNC is also useful for creating one-off custom automotive parts and even replacement parts since turnaround times are fast and there is no minimum required part quantity

Example of Applications
• Interior panels
• Starter motors
• Cylinder heads
• Drive axles
• Gearboxes
• Custom parts

cnc machined Consumer Electronics Industry components

CNC machining is widely used for the prototyping and production of consumer electronics such as laptops and smartphones.
In the electronics industry, machining is used to create PCBs, housings, jigs, fixtures and other components.

Electronic Industry

CNC machining has the advantage of high precision, tight tolerances and minimal surface defects, manufacturing not only durable precision components, but also perfect appearance, makes CNC process very suitable for electronic industry. Electronic devices Components large and small, simple and complex can be CNC machined.

Example of Applications
• Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
• Electronics casings and enclosures
• CNC machined heat sinks

cnc machined medical Industry parts

The tight tolerances offered by CNC machining are critical to the high performance of machined medical components. From surgical tools to bedside monitoring devices to hip implants, machined parts can be found throughout the medical industry.

Example of Applications
• Medical implants
• Surgical instruments, include surgical scissors, biopsy tubes, blade handles, cutters, saws, forceps, implant holders, clamps, spacers, plate benders and more.
• Machined parts for electronic medical equipment
• Micromachining

cnc machined Oil and Gas Industry components

Another industry in which tight tolerances are required for safety-critical applications, the oil and gas sector use CNC machining for precise, reliable parts such as pistons, cylinders, rods, pins, and

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