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Turning and Milling

Hi Quality Precision Machining is professional CNC machining service supplier in China. We run CNC turning center and CNC milling center in Shenzhen. As following, we will introduce our CNC turning and milling capability, advantage, difference, and parts made by each progress.
cnc milling and turning service

cnc turning service

CNC turning is a subtractive manufacturing process that workpiece rotating and the cutter tool fixed, typically completed by a
CNC lathe. The workpiece is placed inside the lathe and rotates while a cutter removes material until get the desired shape and
specification. CNC turning can get excellent surface finish that sometimes requires no post-processing.

CNC turning advantage

•Very suitable to manufacture round profiles, no other machining method can get such perfect roundness
•Highly accuracy. We can machine turning parts with tight tolerance up to 0.005mm.
•Excellent surface finish, sometimes requires no post-processing

cnc lathe turning machining

Parts made by CNC turning

CNC turning is more often used to produce cylindrical parts, such parts can be also manufactured use 5-axis machining, but it
is much more economical and efficient to use the turning machining. The CNC lathe turned parts and components range from
simple rings to complex curved parts: spheres, cones, cylinders, and other shapes, such as square or hexagon, parts with axial
and radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots.

Rollers: CNC lathes can fabricate rollers with tight tolerances for industrial use
Ball joints: CNC turning is ideal for rounded connective devices like ball joints
Nuts and bolts: The accuracy of turning makes it suitable for tolerance-critical items like nuts and bolts
Shafts: Shafts with rounded profiles are highly suited to CNC turning
Flanges: CNC turned flanges can strengthen beams and pipes
Nozzles: Nozzles are typically cylindrical or conical with hollow insides, making them suitable for CNC turning
Turbines: CNC turning can produce round turbine blades for the energy industry
Firearms: A CNC lathe can produce the tubular shape required for a firearm barrel

Our CNC turning machine produce precision turned parts with tight tolerance up to 0.005mm. We provide rapid prototyping
machining service in short time, usually within 7 days. The surface finishing for our turning parts is perfect smooth. Welcome
contact us for more detail.

cnc milling service

Similar to CNC turning, CNC milling is also an automated subtractive manufacturing process. The machining principle is that
the workpiece is fixed and the tool is rotating at very high speed. To make a precision CNC milled part, a block or sheet is placed
on a table below a spindle which holds a cutting tool. A computer controls the tool used, the rotation speed and the vertical motion
of the spindle, and the horizontal motion of the table. Because of the multi-tool intermittent cutting, CNC milling machine have high
efficiency, CNC mill machine can produce parts with almost any shape.

Our milling service are completed by our 3, 4 and 5-axis combined CNC milling machines, our well-equipped CNC milling center is
one of the reasons of our high production efficiency
•3-axis CNC milling machines: Can cut vertically and in any direction
•4-axis CNC milling machines: Add the ability to rotate the x-axis, similar to a lathe.
•5-axis CNC milling machines: Most complete milling machine, incorporate rotation in both the x- and y-axes.
For each part, we have most suitable machine to manufacture, to get the high accuracy and short delivery time.

CNC milling advantage

•CNC milling can create almost any shape
•CNC milling is fast, repeatable, and not expensive for small batch production
•CNC milling have better results when machining large surfaces

cnc milling service

Parts made by CNC milling
CNC milling is better suited for machining large, flat and irregular surfaces. Such as:
Fittings: Milled fittings connect two or more parts together
Enclosures and housings: Electrical devices and other products can use custom-milled enclosures to protect internal components
Brackets: Milled brackets can contain custom threads and holes and may be more complex than sheet metal brackets
Gears: CNC milling can produce straight and spiral gears for mechanical devices
Mold tooling: Milled tooling, made of steel or aluminum, allows for rapid prototyping of molded parts
Engine parts: Automotive engineers use CNC milling for engine blocks and other parts
Medical devices: CNC mills can produce implants, surgical instruments, and other medical devices
Water pumps: Multi-axis mills can create reliable impellers for hydraulic equipment
Forming punches: CNC mills can create other manufacturing equipment, such as forming punches for sheet metal fabrication

Our 3/4/5 axis CNC milling machines produce custom prototypes and mass production parts in short delivery time. We use 30+
grade metal and plastic material, provide 20+ surface finishing treatment like chromate plating stainless steel parts and anodizing
aluminum parts. You are welcome to contact us for more detail.

Online service

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